ELLUMILITE’S new and improved lighting solution will inspire the following markets/industries to create innovative products to attract additional customers. Our product is already in some of these markets and has generated positive results. Now we can enhance your company and its products message with our thin, flexible, brighter, energy saving ELLUMILITE EL Lamps.

Trade Show Displays/Exhibitor Booths
• Counter/Pedestal Stand
• Banners
• Selective Lit Panels
• Preferred Product Enhancement

- Thin, light, energy savings, uniformly lit
- Flexible shapes: wave, convex, column
- Animation, “mosaic” effect with panels
- No lighting distortion
Retail Store and Hospitality POS/POP
• “24 Hour Window Solution”
• Counter Displays
• Wall Signage
• Ceiling Tile Advertising
• Floor Mats that say more than Welcome

- Advertise while your business is closed
- Made to order, size and shape
- Ultra-thin, flat or curved
- Activate with a wall switch, no heat
- Welcome, Today’s special, motion sensor
Restaurants and Bars
• Menus
• Table Tops
• Window Signage
• Bar/Counter Top Displays
• Floor Mat Signage

- Developing technology, cool/no heat
- WOW Factor, thin and uniformly lit
- Hang a TWO-SIDED message, low cost
- Slide in your new message, flat
- Motion sensor advertising, durable
Advertising and Marketing
• Banners
• “24 Hour Window Solution”
• POP/POS In-store Signage
• Placards
• Billboards

- Flexible shapes, sizes, low energy usage
- Add to your night time message
- Animate, any size/shape,efficient power
- Thin, light, flexible, durable
- 180 degree viewing angle, view through fog, smoke and other conditions
Commercial and Residential Real Estate
• Night Lights
• Night Lighting
• Building Numbers
• Floor Mats
• Accent Lighting

- Thin, energy efficient, glowing light
- Any size or shape, uniformly lit
- Low cost to light up, view through fog
- Flat, animate, changeable message
- Landscape, entry way, stairway, reception area
• Backlight Membrane Switches
• Rubber Keypads
• Automotive
• Instrument & Control Panels
• Appliance
• Aerospace
• Safety
• Medical
• Consumer Electronics

- Thin, uniformly lit
- Thin, uniformly lit
- No heat, non-hazardous light
- All shapes and sizes, low energy needs
- Night-lite glow, flat panel
- 180 degree viewing angle, paper thin
- Light penetrates through fog, smoke
- Low energy cost light, durable
- Non-Hazardous, disposable, animate

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