Ellumilite produces an EL Lamp with features our competitors wish they owned. Our EL panels offer a “greener” footprint in terms of:

Energy Usage – Ellumilite EL Lamps operate effectively without creating heat. This “cool” factor means our EL Lamps process energy more efficiently. Your energy costs are less using our EL Lamps to backlight your product.

ELPAK™ – Ellumilite’s power unit is also an energy saver. Our ELPAK is needed to light our EL Lamps. The ELPAK provides over 90% energy efficiency. This is 25% to 50% more efficient than comparable inverter power units. Again, a beneficial savings to your energy footprint.

Disposal – Our finished EL Lamps are easily disposed of because they are NON-Hazardous. Such backlighting alternatives as fluorescent bulbs and neon need special disposal protocols which to you means an added expense.

Ellumilite’s ELPAK power unit is energy efficient and customized for our EL backlighting lamps. This allows our EL lighting to bring the maximum benefits of low energy usage and brightest light. Our technical staff has worked diligently to combine the necessary low power consumption and brightness factor to make a next generation lighting solution. Our ELPAK power unit combined with our enhanced manufacturing processes for producing Ellumilite’s EL Lamps has created a superior lighting product. See our side by side comparison with one of our competitors lighting capabilities.

Add to the Ellumilite EL Experience with unique control integrations. Timer controls, sound activation controls, light or dark sensing controls, or motion sensing controls - all can be incorporated with our ELPAK power unit.

Electroluminescent lighting has unique features that no other lighting products possess. It’s ultra-thin, flexibility for bending, uniformly lit with no distortion or pixilation, animation capability and durability make EL Lamps ideal for your advertising and marketing plans. Marketing sources confirm that a flat signage display will generate a certain number of “views” by customers and potential customers. This could be defined as the “X factor” for your signage and its sales potential. With our EL Lamp behind your sign we can increase your “views” by a factor of 2 and up to 5 if the lit area is animated. Increase that number of potential “views” even more by changing your sign from flat to one that has a unique shape provided by our flexible EL Lamp.

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